BG Products


About BG Products:-

BG Products were formed in 1972 in Wichita, Kansas.

Their goal, from the outset,  was to develop the best products in their respective field. They have developed world leading products such as BG44K, renowned for its ability to restore the power and economy of car engines.

BG Products first arrived in Great Britain in 1999 when Powerflow Ltd were appointed as the distributor for Great Britain.
BG Products has a commitment to maintaining the operational systems of today's and tomorrow's vehicles.
BG Products manufacture theirown products, specialised tools and equipment for application by specially trained automotive professionals. BG Products seek prolonged trouble-free automotive performance for every BG customer. They have dedicated every resource—the skills of their people, their capacity for breakthrough research and an ongoing testing and refinement of current products—to better understand how the ravages of time and use deplete the vital fluid systems of a vehicle.


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