Grand Cherokee 4.7 H.O. Overland

The latest addition to our stable, this is our 2004 Grand Cherokee WJ 4.7 V8 Overland. Aquired showing a documented 38K in Met black/grey leather, it is the 'facelift model. Although a nice example with an underside to die for, it drove in the usual poor 'wobbly' manner giving a very nervous ride especially when towing. Despite only 38K, when higher speeds were reached it felt disconcerting bordering dangerous. It was treated to the SuperPro remedy in the workshops which immediately transformed the vehicle with just the rear end kit & front panhard rod bushes fitted. It had the Jeep Startech wheels fitted when purchased

The 4.7 H.O. (High output) 'Overland' version of the WJ has an additional 30+ HP over the standard 4.7 V8 engine. Although an unsubstantial power increase, there are substantial internal engine differences between the two (standard in brackets) including; Engine Block has  detonation sensor bosses in the valley, Forged steel crankshaft (iron) with damper unique to HO, tri-metal bearings, con rods with floating wrist pins (pressed-in), dome-top pistons (flat), cylinder head combustiion chambers & porting differences for improved airflow, camshaft,  exhaust valves, inlet & exhaust valve springs, intake manifold, higher poundage fuel injectors, twin stereo knock sensors, platinum spark plugs & ECM programming.  


We have now carried out an Airlift rear end upgrade with compressor kit on this vehicle to aid towing with heavy nose weights.  To give you an idea of the work involved we have done a full write up of fitting this kit.  To view this article click Here, or in the grey bar at the top of the page click Airlift Air Suspension.

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