Second Hand Parts


Although this is an area we have not previously been involved with on any scale, we have now found the need to obtain good, low mileage used parts. However with many models now becoming old, available used parts are usually taken from damaged or high mileage vehicles often already having a 'leg out of the bed' so to speak.

To acquire these parts we have taken the decision to dismantle some good, undamaged, low mileage (& in some case only a couple of owners) vehicles to keep others on the road at affordable costs. After all, one cannot make an omlet without breaking eggs. Our vehicles for dismantling are kept in a runnimg state for as long as possible for viewing. After this point we take video of the vehicles & have all documents, service records, security PIN codes, paint codes etc relating to each. These vehicles are dismantled in a professional manner so body panels will not be dropped on their edges & engines cut-out & dropped on their sumps. We also have Chrysler Jeep diagnostic software to carry out systems testing prior to dismantling.  Please keep in mind we are buying these vehicle in for thousands, not hundreds of pounds, therefore we may not be the cheapest, but if you require a good, tested axle, an engine, transmission, electronics, body parts etc, that are actually worth the labour fitting, please give us a call to see if we can help.

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