Heater Blend Doors, dual-zone

Heater Blend Doors, dual-zone

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A remedy for the design-flaw & common failure of the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ heater system, both dual & single zone. This is caused by the limiter pins breaking allowing the powerful motors to put force on the original equipment, composite-made heater blend doors which crack & break-free of the operating shaft. The heater system then blows cold regardless of the desired setting. Until various kits were made available, repair necessitated the removal of the steering coloumn, instrument cluster & dashboard, a substancial job indeed. These quality aluminium fabricated blend doors with alloy operating shafts & steel limiter pins rid the WJ of this design-flaw & fitting can be carried-out without the need for dashboard removal. Many kits operate on single-zone only losing the luxury of the dual-zone feature. This kit retains the dual-zone feature of the Grand Cherokee & are intended for right-hand drive vehicles. We use these kits in our own workshops.

We offer full support for the owner wishing to carry out the repair themselves or we can or course, fit them for you at a very reasonable price!  NB. Price quoted will include diagnosis, glove box moulding/trim removal for access, cutting of heater assembly & removal of faulty parts, fitting of modified parts, testing & plastic welding to replace section removed (not stuck back with tape!!!) & calibration. 

Please telephone for further details and/or to discuss requirements.

Vehicle/Manufacturer: 99-05 Jeep Grand Cherokee WG/WJ

Product Code: HEA615

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