Stant SuperStat Thermostat

Stant SuperStat Thermostat

Item Description

Help your ride run more efficiently with Stant SuperStat thermostats. SuperStats feature a patented V-notch, non-linear valve design, which reduces cycling, bringing your vehicle to its proper operating temperature more quickly. This unique V-notch provides a small initial flow of coolant at start-up and, as your engine heats up, the V-notch opens wider to meter the proper amount of coolant into your vehicle's system. Other features include a high-flow venture, a patented Weir valve, a larger actuator piston, a heavy-duty spring, and a thicker, high-strength burnished stainless steel flange. Stant SuperStat thermostats offer reduced oil consumption and emissions, improved fuel economy, and a prolonged engine life for your vehicle.

 160 deg.F/71 deg. C.

Fit Wrangler 2.5 & 4.0 engines plus many earlier 6 & 8 cylinder engines. call with your application.

Vehicle/Manufacturer: 99-05 Jeep Grand Cherokee WG/WJ

Product Code: 4PL-45356


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